Sunday 24 March 2013

Encounter with Peter Movrin

Peter Movrin about his 'FranzMadonna' collection: 'Gothic art was a style that developed in the mid 12th century and was an era of God’s Excellency and people’s humility. Architecture, painting and sculpture were strongly marked by the religious motives of Christianity. Architecture was the most expressive among these arts and it combined Gothic style with powerful objects, showing its strength with details like rosettes, glass partitions and Christian symbols. With this collection I introduced rays of light into materials by using notches and transformed shapes from outside the body. As a contrast to strong details on leather there is a light and poetic feeling to the material that mitigates the collection and adds a bit of romanticism. I combined investigation of this era and people’s characters with the Eastern world and the Islamic religion. Rich jewellery is applied as small braided notches so one can feel a connection with Eastern religions and suffering. Covered faces and curiosity about what is under metres of dark material drive us to investigate forms that are shown through body movement. Maybe underneath it all, there is hope.' 

Q&A with Peter Movrin is published in Platinum Love Magazine 

Going through his portfolio it is clear that in his short career he has already gained notable international attention and successes. Born in 1986, Peter Movrin has won several awards, participated in various shows and events, made it to Mango Award semifinal, he is scouted by no less than Lidewij Edelkoort for one of her projects and since 2008 he is collaborating with fellow designer Almira Sadar. Peter Movrin is one of the young fashion designers of SQUAT collective, an independent fashion, art & design collective and a leading platform in Slovenia.

Peter Movrin's collections can be described as dramatic, dark and mysterious. His monumental and long silhouettes, use of materials and avant-garde aesthetics impressed me at once. It was his most recent collection that led my attention to his work again.

Q&A with Peter Movrin

B.P: What is your educational background?
P.M. I graduated from University of Ljubljana, Fashion and Textile Design in 2012.

B.P: Where are you based at the moment?
P.M: You can find me almost everywhere. Right now I am based in Kočevje, where my parents live. Otherwise I live between two cities Ljubljana and London.

B.P: How is your life as a designer/artist in your country or city?
P.M: Right now, I'm pretty happy. Slovenia is a small country, you can visit almost every city in just one week which gives me many opportunities to work with artists from different cities. I love to meet and work with people, who in particular are familiar with Slovenian traditions. It makes me sad to see that this financial crisis has also affected textile factories all around the country.

B.P: How is the 'fashion scene' in Slovenia at the moment?
P.M: Everything is slowly developing and improving. Our government policy is quite complicated, and right now our politicians aren't so popular but artists are working hard and doing the best they can do.

B.P: What places do you find most inspiring?
P.M: Moscow. Slovenian forests.

B.P: What inspires, fascinates you in general?
P.M: Tradition.

B.P: How would you describe your own aesthetic?
P.M: Something between me and everybody.

B.P: What is the concept behind your latest collection?
P.M: Mariska + Metod are my grandparents, who have inspired me throughout my youth. They lived in a a different world compared to ours. It was mysterious and divine and full of exotic birds.

B.P: What kind of materials did you use?
P.M: Cotton, silk and leather.

B.P: Who is your muse?
P.M: One old lady.

B.P: Can you describe your work in few words?
P.M: I come from myself with thoughts of the past and a view of the future.

B.P: Is your collection available for sale and where?
P.M: You can find my work at SQUAT, Galerija Emporium store and Not Just A Label online shop .

B.P: Did you always wanted to be a fashion designers?
P.M: At first, I wanted to become a butcher, as my father. Secondly, I wanted to be an engineer in the textile industry and eventually I ended up as a fashion designer.

B.P: Tell us something about your creative process? Best and worst part about your creative process?
P.M: The best part is smoking and drawing. Just one thing is the worst thing; the lack of sleep.

B.P: What sorts of things do you do to get out of "creative depression" ?
P.M: I visit my best friend from my childhood, because she is crazy. I put on some good music.

B.P: Do you like to work with other creatives (designers, artists, photographers, etc..) And if so can you share your latest collaboration?
P.M: My latest collaboration is with Theo Mass-Lexileictous.

B.P: Is there a designer or artist that you admire or are influenced by?
P.M: Shao Fan.

B.P: If you weren't in a creative industry, what would you be doing?
P.M: I would be a butcher.

B.P: What songs do you have playing on repeat in your studio/work space?
P.M: Arvo Pärt 'Silentium' and Clams Casino 'I'm God'.

B.P: Fashion is:...?
P.M: ...Anti-fashion.

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Photography credits: Žiga Mihelčič, Maya NIghtingale

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