Sunday 17 March 2013

FAGNARDS. Too much love will kill you

'Fagnards', a short wildlife music documentary, premiered during Made in Europe Go Short short film festival.

'Fagnards' is a story of a tragic love affair made by the Belgian musician/filmmaker who goes by the name of TOUR (Hasselt, 1977) On January 22 1871, Marie Solheid and François Reiff took off to Marie’s native village to settle their marriage. They decided to take the shortest route: across the High Fens, a rough nature area with unpredictable weather conditions. They would never reach their goal: the couple died in the middle of the Fens, desorientated and struck with hypothermia. On the location where they past away people placed the Lover’s Cross.

You can listen to the soundtrack here:

Next screening
Sat 23.03.2013, 19:00
Church of Virgin Jesse, Hasselt, Belgium
Entrance 5 euro — no reservation

very proud to be part of this project

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