Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fashion Weekend Skopje SS2013

Fashion Weekend Skopje announces the 7th edition for the season SS13

The new edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK) for the season SS13 will be held from the 1st to the 14th of April, 2013. The program, which is conducted under the motto “Past, presence, future - It is always time for fashion”, will be fullfiled with diverse fashion shows, perfor- mances, exhibitions and projects.

The Program

This program will include two special projects: a fashion retrospective exhibition and a design contest in collaboration with the US Embassy in Skopje.

The exhibition under the title “Retrospective of the fashion in Macedonia 1983-2013”, that is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, will try to get closer to the process of designing collections that know no limits. A retrospective that will bring you back in time, that will connect the things created in the past and in the present and will look forward in what we can expect.

Mario Dodovski, finalist for POP! Fashion contest

The design contest “POP! Fashion” was announced as an open call for all designers to submit their design ideas through garments inspired by the rich heritage of American pop culture. 13 finalists were chosen to present their designs on the gala evening which will be held on the 3rd of April in the US Embassy in Skopje. As part of the project, the finalists will have the opportunity to attend a workshop on the topic Brand Management led by Bjorg Bengtsson, current assistant professor on Parsons and FIT in New York.

The new season is under patronship of The City of Skopje and Municipalty Center. Official beauty and make-up partner is COSMO in collaboration with Manhattan, MaxFactor and L’Oreal,;official hair partner is ROLLAND in collaboration with Hair Fashion Group; official water - Pelisterka; official car - Audi; offcial vodka - Absolut; official shoe partner - Bargala; official model agency - Podium and official perfume - Avon.

International media supporters of FWSK SS13 are BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG, The Dolls Factory and style.rs.


FWSK SS13 campaign image credits:
Photo – AD Photography
Models – Irina Ilievska, Ivana Geleva, Jovana Mihajlovik @ PODIUM
Producer - Sveta Bogova-Jovanovska
Styling and accessories - Goran Sidjimovski
Graphic Design – Anita Gaj
Make up - Zoran Shurbevski Hair - Cool Cut

Other credits:
Rosica Mrsik aw12-13
Atelier Ljutikova aw12-13
Vibrazioni by Aleksandra Mitkovska ss13

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