Wednesday 3 April 2013

Encounter with Anja Dragan

At the moment Serbia's main fashion event is taking place, Belgrade Fashion Week (Perwoll Fashion Week).
Collection that struck me the most is from Slovenian designer Anja Dragan. After I visited her website I was so excited and wanted to know more about her.

Q & A with Anja Dragan

BP.  Please introduce yourself. where are you from. Where are you based at the moment?
AD. I am Anja. Living in a suitcase, moving around most of the time. However, I am officially coming from a small village near Radovljica and currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

BP.  Where did you study?
AD. Graduated from University of Ljubljana, Fashion and textile design in 2012 and did an exchange at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Fashion design department) in Copenhagen in 2010/11.

BP. What fascinates you in general?
AD. Invisible things.

BP.  What is the inspiration behind your latest collection?
AD. It was all about a new beginning. About a new world where everything is still bright and pure. A new world where our super-selves would live.

BP.  Do you have a muse?
AD. I do. An imaginary one.

BP.  Artist or designer that you admire?
AD. Rei Kawakubo.

BP.  You have just showed at Belgrade Fashion Week, How was it like? What is next on your schedule?
AD. All the sleepless nights and bleeding fingers paid off during and after the show. The organizers did a great job and I am very pleased I have been given a chance to show my work there.
Schedule? I don't really plan things. What happens, happens.

BP.  What can we expect from you in the near future?
AD.  New projects.

BP.  Anything else you would like to share about your work...
AD. I try to let my work speak for itself.

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Photography credits: MES DIX VIES / BA graduate collection / photo Maja Slavec / mua+hair Spela Ema Veble / model Ajda@Immortal

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