Monday 8 April 2013

Te[ch]x(t)iles at MOTI

Pauline van Dongen
Te[ch]x(t)iles is a project by MOTI, investigating innovation and technical developments in the area of fashion.
The project Te[ch]x(t)iles runs simultaneously with exhibition Couture Graphique. Ten designers have been asked by MOTI, in collaboration with Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie (Stimulation Fund for the Creative Industry), to show their vision on the future of fashion.

15 February - 25 March: Rianne Suk & Jacob Kok

26 March - 29 April: Hendrik-Jan Grievink/Coralie Vogelaar & Sabine Staartjes
30 April - 3 June: Bas Kosters & Marius 't Eynde

4 June - 8 July: Antoine Peters & Iris Nijenhuis

9 July - 8 August: Anne Stooker & Berber Soepboer

Te[ch]x(t)iles is open until the 8th of August

Pauline van Dongen

Rianne Suk

Jacob Kok
Jacob Kok

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