Friday 12 April 2013

Tijana and Mila Popovic at Fashion Weekend Skopje SS2013

Tijana and Mila Popovic from Serbia presented their AW 2013/14 collection during Fashion Weekend Skopje.

„After Colors“ collection is dark and raw, apocalyptic, nihilistic. Collection talks about growing up - mentally, emotionally, psychologically, socially. It seeks answers to the question “what happens after colors, after childhood, after life, after the world?” The whole concept is based on deconstruction and recycling. The collection consists of clothing resulted from the deconstruction of form and use of recycled waste materials and materials in the function of modern garments. Based on the analysis of anti form and achromatic tone values, a collection dominated by dark tones, black with some bronze, maroon-purple, royal blue and bursts of golden was created. 
The used materials are heavy: leather, rubber, PVC, plastic with a lot of chains, rivets, buckles, metal details that dominate the collection.

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