Monday 24 June 2013

Dutch Tall Ships in Mauritius

From Zeeland to New Zeeland

Three Dutch Tall Ships are sailing around the world on a historic journey following the path of the great Dutch explorers Jansz, Tasman (who discoverd Tasmania and New Zealand after leaving Mauritius) and Van Diemen. MTPA along with took this opportunity to celebrate the 415th anniversary of the arrival of the Dutch in the island.

Three major Dutch Tall Ships are sailing since last November 2012, over the roads taken by the explorers at the end of the year 1500 and named this journey 'From Zeeland to Zealand'. They are expected to reach New Zealand this November 2013.

The ships named Europa, Tecla and Oosterschelde where in Mauritius last week (15 - 19th of June) and now they are on their way to Australia.

To celebrate their visit in Mauritius, Dutch Week has been held last week from 15th - 20th June.
Here is an impression of their arrival and their departure.

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