Wednesday 12 June 2013

Georgina Santiago at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013

Fashion designer Georgina Santiago is from Igualada, a town near Barcelona, Spain. She graduated in June 2012 at ESDI, Barcelona. Nowadays, she creates synergies between fashion and art with a constant obsession for color. She was recently one of the finalists for C&A Reimagine Design Challenge.

"The mutation of the body into an art space. The idea is to translate the atmosphere of a gallery to clothes and surround them with sculptures. The boundaries between art and fashion get blurry and the body becomes a sculpture itself. The surroundings of the body become part of it and everything mutates into one.

In this new collection I decided to use industrially-made fabrics as my next step is to offer my creations to the audience, even though almost all of them are hand painted. The fabrics I created for my graduate collection were completely hand made and the costs and maintenance were just impossible for that. That's why I decided to create a collection that can be wearable combined with interesting accessories/sculptures around the body. This makes possible to separate the experimental aspect of the clothes themselves, but as well have an interesting final image, which for me is the most important part."

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