Friday 7 June 2013

The Purple Jester - Uta Bekaia & Ideal Glass NY

One of the most  bespoke shows at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 was the performance was from Uta Bekaia, a designer and multimedia artist based in New York. He is interested in exploring art wear, clothing as sculpture and performance. At ‘FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013’ he presented the project ‘The Purple Jester’, a multimedia performance created with his creative group, Ideal Glass NY.

: ‘The Purple Jester’ our exploration of the concept of living art-wear. This cross-media performance art project is inspired by medieval European art. The goal is to create a futuristic vision of the art of Hieronymus Bosch, merging historic design concepts with contemporary materials, including production techniques that employ recycled textiles.
The show was presented in an interactive, multi-media live performance environment. Played by performance artist, Willard Morgan, the Purple Jester finds himself traveling through space and time on a quest for romantic fulfillment in a series of seven dream landscapes. Each dream confronts the Jester with an immersive installation in which he must negotiate phantasmagoric manifestations of human realities, including hunger, war, gossip, and sexual desire. ‘The Purple Jester’ transcends conflict through the strategic implementation of humorous acts".

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