Thursday 18 July 2013

Day 3 at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Rebecca Ward 
Amsterdam Fashion Week report by Katharina Simone Milz 

Visiting the Amsterdam Fashion Week for the first time, I was excited and curious. On 14th of July I had the chance to explore the Fashion Week on behalf of BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG. Based near the Westerpark in Amsterdam, the location of the Fashion Week has a lot to offer: The Westergasfabriek is a complex of smaller buildings, in which the fashion shows take place. A comfortable lounge area in the middle of the complex is building the heart of the location. I had the opportunity to visit three different fashion shows: Dido Yland and Rebecca Ward, Nata Ryzh and Tony Cohen.

In the early afternoon, Dido Yland and Rebecca Ward showed their collections in one fashion show. I was really curious about Dido Yland as she already participated at FASHIONCLASH Maastricht  and was now presenting at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Her collection was inspired by train conductors and old-fashioned aircrews. She succeeded in combining this nostalgic approach with modern colors and interpretations. The graphic patterns and playful details, such as colorful tights, completed the collection. For this presentation she collaborated with shoe designer Anna Korshun and London based hat designer YASHKATHOR.

I was in particular amazed by Rebecca Wards collection as she was celebrating the female hips with beautiful embroidery and a tension between volume and tightness. Her collection has the title 'Insomnia' and I can for sure say that Rebecca Ward transferred the drifting between dream and reality into fashion. Rough leather and softer, delicate fabrics created a perfect balance and made this runway show an amazing experience.
After a short break in the sun and some nice drinks in the lounge, Nata Ryzh presented 'Shambala', her latest collection. It was immediately visible that Natallya Ryzhykava was highly inspired by the late 60's and early 70's as she used geometrical lines and kaleidoscopic prints. To the designer, 'Shambala' stands for a mythical place of peace, tranquility and happiness and especially the unique prints underlined that feeling for the audience.
The third and biggest show, I was able to attend, was the Defilé of Tony Cohen. His creations were classy and at the same time strong and modern or as he explains: “Handloom woven silks and raw silks give the collection a more rigorous feel and a more definite shape to the hand drapes which are the signature of this collection”. Although the clean patterns and the stunning evening gowns caused admiration, it was also visible how the focus was rather on the show than on the collection itself.

The day at the Amsterdam Fashion Week was exciting and inspirational: The collections presented, the nice atmosphere at the location and the unique styles of the people made the event special and I am happy I had the chance to experience such a fashion celebration.

Text by: Katharina Simone Milz
Catwalk images: Peter Stigter
Impression images: Katharina Simone Milz

Rebecca Ward

Nata Ryzh

Dido Yland in cooperation with shoe designer Anna Korshun
and London based designers Yashkathor

Dido Yland in cooperation with shoe designer Anna Korshun
and London based designers Yashkathor

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