Friday 19 July 2013

Winde Rienstra SS14: a forgotten path

Winde Rienstra moved from the small room to the main hall at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Her shows are known to be intimate, her collections sculptural and everybody talks about her shoes. For each collection she designs shoes. Now at the big stage she had a bigger collection and all other ingredients were there except that now everybody sitting on the edges of our seats as the shoes seemed impossible for the models. Models looked scared and one even fall. Each model was accompanied by a runway seater who held their hands until almost the end of the runway. And after the show everybody was talking about that instead of the collection.
Beside the shoes there were of course some stunning pieces of clothing like in her previous work. I have to say that the fit was not that good in some pieces.

Rienstra’s collection finds it’s inspiration in the beauty of abandoned Russian dachas; wooden country houses which were known for their poetic structures with fine carvings and a large variety of shapes and proportions. Rienstra used the purity, wealth and serenity of these abandoned places to express the touching vulnerability of human enclosures.

The collection was ok but the big show really felt unready and perhaps a step to soon for the big stage. I am really curious about her career development.

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