Saturday 28 September 2013

Navid Nuur - Lube Love at Bonnefantenmuseum

Visitors to the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht can now get  a free tattoo. People do have to choose from over 25 art works appearing in the exhibition LUBE LOVE.
The exhibition LUBE LOVE, of the Dutch / Iranian artist Navid Nuur was opened Thursday.
Stijn Huijts, director of the museum was the first one to get a tattoo. This is his way of showing love and engagement for art.

LUBE LOVE is a solo exhibition on the borderline between art and text, which Navid Nuur has developed especially for the Bonnefantenmuseum.

Navid Nuur's oeuvre comprises a great diversity of works in which text plays a role, ranging from literal applications to a more conceptual approach to words. This variety forms the basis for the exhibition LUBE LOVE, whose dynamics can best be characterised by the term 'freestyle'. Language and text have always played a special role in the life of this artist, in a very personal relationship, which is connected to issues of identity (Nuur is of Iranian/Dutch origin), to his background in the graffiti and skateboard scene, and to his dyslexia.

Navid Nuur (Teheran, 1976) lives and works in The Hague. Around ten years ago, he made the switch from graphic design and illustration to autonomous visual art. In a relatively short space of time, he has developed from a promising talent into a rising star in the international art world. Solo exhibitions by Navid Nuur have been presented in the Matadero art centre in Madrid, Parasol in London and Centre Pompidou in Paris. He has been awarded the Royal Award for Modern Painting (2011) and the prestigious Discoveries Prize at the first edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong (2013).

LUBE LOVE is open from 27 September to 26 January.
With this tattoo shop installation, Nuur creates the possibility of an intimate relationship between artwork and the viewer. 

Stijn Huijts, the first to get a tattoo at Bonnefantenmuseum 

voice over (voice), created in collaboration with artist Adrian Ghenie

'Untitled' (Let us meet inside you)
This  installation brings the visitor into contact with the artist's studio in a special way.
Small bottles are filled with water from a tap that is normally in Nuur's studio.
The bottles have a sticker that reads on the inside: 'Let us meet inside you'.

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