Monday 7 October 2013

Addio Alla Fine ICKamsterdam Emio Greco / Pieter C. Scholten

'Addio Alla Fine' by ICKamsterdam / Emio Greco Pieter C. Scholten premiered in Maastricht during Dutch Dance Festival 2013. 

Farewell to End.
A journey to a physical and mental point zero, to a new beginning.

How can we manage to break through the general sense of malaise? How do we organise a world without limits? How do we get people to take responsibility for each other again? In Addio alla Fine the audience boards an imaginary Noah's Ark. The seven dancers make waves through their perpetually propelling movements. This creates a teeming connection between them and the audience. Local guest artists break in during the trip and present their own interpretation of Farewell to End. Addio alla Fine demonstrates how dynamics and energy can be passed round based on the trust that the other receives your energy and keeps it going.

The performance tours in the Netherlands to: Maastricht (theater a/h Vrijthof, sun 6 Oct 20.00), Nijmegen (Schouwburg Nijmegen, wed 9 Oct 20.00), Amsterdam (Schouwburg Amsterdam, wed 22 + thu 23 Jan 20.00), Haarlem (Toneelschuur, tue 28 Jan 20.30), Utrecht (Schouwburg Utrecht, thu 30 Jan 20.00), Den Haag (Korzo, thu 6 + fri 7 March 20.00), Tilburg (Theaters Tilburg, tue 11 March 20.00), Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg, thu 13 March 20.00).

All images are by Alwin Poiana

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