Tuesday 8 October 2013

Flow by Cheng-Tsung Feng

FLOW is a bamboo chair, which you can sit on and enjoy a lazy afternoon. It is light and free as a cloud, which can give you an easy and relaxing mind.

50% modularized (for industrial production)
50% bamboo weaving (as crafts and art works)

Cheng-Tsung Feng about the concept behind Flow
It is an art craft piece that can be industrial produced, and actually has function.
I have observed that most of bamboo products are designed by the techniques of bending and weaving to compose a single surface or object currently. Due to these common techniques, I believe that methods of making bamboo product are too limited. Accordingly, I would like to release the restricted soul of bamboo materiel in designing products. Moreover, I would like to present the way of flying cloud, blowing wind and running water by bamboo material. The abstract of my concept represents a powerful action of nature turns into a weaker power gradually. I created lifeful, uncontrollable, perceptual and dynamic furniture, with vivid and lifelike strength.
Furthermore, in terms of industrial design, I attempted to product the piece as a manufacturable good. The main composition of the product is made of bamboo balls, which is the most strengthful element that I have ever tried. I used the bamboo ball as the core composition to create the flexibility of chair. The character also can be used on making stool or armchair.
The standardization of bamboo ball can be industrial produced, and only the upper bamboo lines of the chair are the handmade parts. “Flow” is made by half manual craftsman and half machinery. It is a unique and manufactured product with attractable features.


Craft artist Kao-Min Chen

designer Cheng-Tsung Feng

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