Sunday 27 October 2013

Highlights of Fashion Weekend Skopje 8th edition

Boban Ilievski
Nikola Eftimov opened the 8th edition of FWSK - Fashion Weekend Skopje on October 22. In the same evening Boban Ilievski presented his latest collection as well as Diesel. In the following days there where shows by designers Olgica Gjeorgieva, Irina Tosheva, Antonija Ristovska, Stilissimo, Stefanija Naseska, Nikola Petrovski and collective show by Fashion Group.

Here are some highlights of the 8th FWSK

Boban Ilievski
Boban Ilievski, designer of the younger generation of Macedonian creative artists, after the completion of the studies at the Burgo Fashion Institute, Milan, became part of Kara's designer team with which he collaborated for seven years. In 2010, he started his own project of the label Chic Undercowear. The A/W 2013/2014 collection is notable for its own decadency in philosophical sense, which is brought to perfect sublimation with the elegance of the cut. The glam-chic of the 80’s, which is present in all collections of Ilievski, is also present in this season with emphasis on the masculine elements of the coat, lapel and broad shoulders, in a gentle female silhouette which presents a self-confident modern individual.

Nikola Petrovski
Let it be colorful, playful, merry, and happy Let it be full of emotions Let there be LOVE… Romantic walks through the paradise gardens in the warm summer nights, holding hands, smiles on the faces, sparkle in the eyes, butterflies in the stomach, stars in the sky, full moon, gentle kisses, passions, joy of the soul, two hearts beating as one… The collection consists of female and male models made of light clean natural materials: cotton, linen, or their mixtures with spandex or silk, all with floral designs, and shapes inspired by the movie-romantic 50’s and 60’s…

Nikola Petrovski

Marjana Rujanoska 
Back to the 40's
The main driving force of the collection is the style of the 40’s with a touch of today’s trends. In those years, we had the emergence of the fashion icons like Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, from whom I drew my inspiration for this collection in order to emphasize the glamour and elegance of today's women. The strict lines which emphasize the beauty of the female body and, also, the boldness of the cut, allow the target group to move between the age group of 25-45. The materials that were used for this collection are broadcloth, georgette, cotton, tricot, satin, and faux fur, and the color palette ranges between nuances of black, white, green, and purple.

EVEE by Ivana Cvetkovska
 „А year without summer is like a life without love”
Summertime Sadness collection symbolizes the longing for the freshness of summer, especially for the clear blue sky, the sea, and the gentle yellow sun beams. The models of this collection are fusion of the most luxurious and high quality materials: silk, leather, and plush. The models consist of slim-fit pants and high-waist skirts, shirts and dresses made of translucent silk, with accessories of beads, leather strips, and wavy-shaped strips. The color map is dominated by spectrum of blue, green, and yellow, also including sandy nuances. The collection has no particular target group in mind, but, above all, it is about an urban, sophisticated woman with interests for fashion, culture, art, and design; a woman that prefers unparalleled luxury and extravagant designs with fashion signature and high quality. The Summertime Sadness collection is intended for the autumn/winter 2013/2014 season.

Irina Tosheva
Did you do something meaningful today? Ask yourself in every moment of honest happiness. Skillfulness is to build permanent memory out of the conditions of transience. The smiles can leave permanent mark. In order to fight our weakness we must arm ourselves with cheerfulness. The permanent values and art outlive us, thus making us ancestors of our descendants. This cruel and loud speaks Irina Tosheva’s collection Memento mori autumn/winter 2013/2014. The cheerfulness which is an unavoidable part of the creative opus of the designer this time is in pink and finds its contrast in the print which reminds us that we are not here forever. Think about this before you go to sleep.

This season’s Diesel collection is marked by refined style, sophisticated and classical look which carries with it the rock motif of the brand. The formal and the everyday are balanced, at the same time not neglecting the underground essence of Diesel. Black and grey are the main colors, supplemented with strong winter colors, as petroleum, purple, or dark red for the knitted pieces and pants. As for every season, the jeans, in all shades and models, are dominant piece of clothing in combination with jackets, sweaters and shirts with distinctive prints.

Antonija Ristovska

Fashion Group

GO by Gjorgieva Olgica

Stilissimo, Russian fairy tale collection

Stefanija Naseska

Stefanija Naseska

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