Monday 11 November 2013

Fashion Rio - winter 2014 part II

Fashion Rio - winter 2014 report 
text by Katharina Simone Milz

At day 3 of Fashion Rio, I had the chance to visit two incredible fashion shows: Coven and TNG. Again, I was impressed by the beautiful location at the pier, where rough industrial buildings met amazing light art and bright decoration.


Brazilian fashion label TNG presented a collection that focused on punk and rock, showing black leather pieces with studs, spikes and chains. It was visible how the contemporary London rock scene influenced the current TNG collection. The show was opened by famous Brazilian actors Danielle Winits, Marcello Antony and Thiago Fragoso, showing the trend factor of the label. Textures and materials were varied from shorts, skirts with leggings, large coats, and leather pants that are completely covered with spikes. Designer Tito Bessa Jr. also used wool, jeans and tweed to give the collection an 80ies spin. The color spectrum included military green, maroon, navy, red, and deep black - especially for dresses, jackets and other leather pieces. Accessories included black leather purses with studs and fringe. In conclusion, a balanced collection that showed once again how punk and rock still influence current collections, although the concept is not brand new.

Liliane Rebehy, creative director of the Brazilian fashion label “Coven,” presented a winter collection that is inspired by school uniforms and life on a farm. Rebehy explains in an interview the connection between the collection and her childhood: “It started with my desire to do something that referred to the farm, my childhood. The memory that came first to my mind was cow skin.” This is why the latest “Cohen” collection is about the combination of rough fabrics, such as cow skin and jeans, and softer materials. Striped suits and skirts, tweed jackets and loose pants in colors such as nude and navy blue underlined the designers desire to show a look that is sexy and comfortable. Hooded jackets and bomber jackets show the inspirational influence of the college theme. Loose pants in varied lengths are combined with belts made out of cow leather. Pencil skirts and tube dresses complete the collection.

Coven store by Marcelo Alvarenga
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After another wonderful day at Fashion Rio, I already became a big fan of the Brazilian fashion scene and I’m curious about what the event brings next.

More images from TNG fall winter 2014

actor, Thiago Fragoso

actor, Marcello Antony

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