Thursday 23 January 2014

Collectie Arnhem 2014

In the times of visual overkill we may ask our selves what do we actually see? How is this for a blind person, does he or she sees even more?
Disabling of one of the sensory system reinforces the other.
This hypersensitivity filters the essence of our perception and stimulates our ability to interpret.

The concept for Collection Arnhem 2014 was based on the fascination of a statement of a blind born boy: “it’s beautiful, at least I think so, and I believe what I want to believe.”

In the design process all pure visual aspects, such as color chart, are disabaled. Instead, the tactile charachters and processing of the materials were emphasized. The personality of the fabric determines the image of the color.

Collectie Arnhem is an annual project of the third year fashion students from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem.

Designers for Collectie Arnhem 2014
Arjen Kesteloot | Colet Eshuis | Diek Pothoven | Eline Janssen | Eline Keuchenius | Eva van Beek | Isabelle Olschewski | Joanne Vosloo | Josephine Dulmers | Josephine Goverts | Katharina Dubbick | Kristan Kuijf | Laura Lepre | Lilian Admiraal | Maartje Janse | Madelène van Ulden | Marieke van der Ven | Max Zara Sterck | Tim Becx | Tung Trinh | Vera van Buren | Yvette Peek |

Photography: Sanne Zurne

Recently Collectie Arnhem introduced - EAU DE LA MODE, 60 years of Arnhem fashion in one perfume. Eau de la Mode will be presented on February 7 at Magazijn during Winter/SALON2014

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