Saturday 22 March 2014

Hyères Festival 2014

Hyères 2014 - 29th edition of International Fashion & Photography Festival 

Founded 29 years ago by Jean-Pierre Blanc, Hyères has become one of the most relevant platforms for young talent.
Eech year, some time in April, within the surroundings of the avant-gardeVilla Noailles, a Cubist style building constructed in the 1920's by Mallet-Stevens, the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography brings together a selection of promising fashion and photography talent.

The  Hyères Festival has proved to be a springboard for many well known names including; Viktor & Rolf, Gaspard Yurkievich, Christian Wijnants, C Neeon, Romain Kremer, Anthony Vaccarello, Julien Dossena, Peter Bertsch, Sandra Backlund,  Mareunrol’s, Alexandra Verschueren,  Léa Peckre and many more.

Villa Noailles, Photography Olivier Amsellem
The 29th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères will take place April 25th - 28th,  with exhibitions open until May 25th.

photography Filep Motwary
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photography Filep Motwary

The fashion jury features Carol Lim and Humberto Leon (Creative Directors of KENZO), Carol Song (Opening Ceremony), Chloé Sevigny (actress), Spike Jonze (film director), Jay Massacret (editor in chief for V Man) and Eric Wilson (fashion news director for American InStyle magazine), Pamela Golbin ( general curator, fashion and textile, Les Arts Décoratifs) and Maurizio Cattelan (artist)

The jury panel selected 10 candidates for the final competition (+ 312 files received from 55 nationalities, 45 shortlisted).

The photography jury, choose the 10 shortlisted photographers (743 entries received from 45 nationalities and 60 shortlisted).
The jury consisted of: Steve Hiett (photographger), Manish Arora (fashion designer), Damien Poulain (creative director and publisher, Oodee, London), Cathy Rémy (deputy photography director, Le Monde M, Paris),  Brett Rogers (director, The Photographers’ Gallery, London) and Oliver Sieber, photographer).

Liselore Frowijn (Netherlands)
Selection 2014 

Fashion designers
- Liselore Frowijn (Netherlands)
- Pablo Henrard (Belgium)
- Marit Ilison (Estonia)
- Anne Kluytenaar (Netherlands)
- Coralie Marabelle (France)
- Kenta Matsushige (Japan)
- Agnese Narnicka (Latvia)
- Louis-Gabriel Noucji (France)
- Roshi Porkar ( Austria)
- Yulia Yefimtchuk (Ukraine)

- Anna Grzelewska (Poland)
- Osma Harvilahti (Finland)
- Arnaud Lajeunie (France)
- Orianne Lopes (France)
- Birthe Piontek (Germany/Canada)
- Virginie Rebetez (Switzerland)
- Marie Rime (Switzerland)
- Marleen Sleeuwits (Netherlands)
- Charlotte Tanguy ( France)
- Lorenzo Vitturi (Italy)

Fashion finalists photography: Stimuleye

Agnese Narnicka (Latvia)

Marit Ilison (Estonia)

Anne Kluytenaar (Netherlands)

Coralie Marabelle (France)

Kenta Matsushige (Japan)

Louis-Gabriel Noucji (France)

Pablo Henrard (Belgium)

Roshi Porkar ( Austria)

Yulia Yefimtchuk (Ukraine)

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