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FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 Program

What if we could preserve a certain age, how old would you be? The theme for the 6th edition of FASHIONCLASH festival is 'AGE' and the art of ageing in the broadest sense.The art of fashion can provide a number of means to break down boundaries that are related to the stereotypes concerning age. Ageing is not boring, it is a process that can and should be celebrated. The FASHIONCLASH Festival theme 'AGE' is expressed within the exhibition, various projects and through the campaign images.

FASHIONCLASH Festival is the international and interdisciplinary fashion festival that aims to showcase new generation designers and artists. The spectacular program of the 6th edition with Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, designer Market, Theatre and Dance Performances, Clash Project and FASHIONCLASH Side Program, brings together more than 100 designers and artists from 30 countries.
FASHIONCLASH gives promising talents the opportunity to show their work to a broad international audience. FASHIONCLASH Festival is a unique opportunity to discover talent and to get inspired by the art of fashion.
Have a look at who are the participants:

Location: SAMdecorfabriek, Meerssenerweg 215, behind Station Maastricht. FASHIONCLASH Side Program 12 – 15 June, at various location in Maastricht

Entrance: Admission for the Exhibition, Market and most of the Side Program is for free. To attend the fashion shows there is a ticket sale. Tickets for Fashion Shows Program are available in pre sale online via and at the venue during the festival.

More information concerning FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014 program, Side Program, participants and tickets please visit

What can you expect at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014
Distinguished Dream:
Cecilia Moisio & Sara Vrugt

Distingiushed Dreams & (OLD)Fashion(ed) 

This year, two special projects are developed in cooperation with the Dutch Dance Festival. Within Distinguished Dreams, ten successful choreographers and fashion designers create mini performances in pairs based on their mutual fascinations. (OLD)Fashion(ed) is a collaboration with the Dutch Dance Festival and Museum aan het Vrijthof. In this project, young fashion designers are creating collections in collaboration with experienced artisans. The collections, worn by models of 65 years and older and presented with dance performances by renowned choreographers, will be on display during FASHIONCLASH Festival, the Dutch Dance Festival (October 2014) and at Museum aan het Vrijthof (fall 2014).

Yoni Lefevre
Age and the art of ageing in the broadest sense of the word is the theme for this 6th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. The exhibition is composed of age-themed curated work. We are intrigued to navigate within the theme of age and show how multi-layered concept age is. Furthermore, we are keen to display the crucial role of art and design in the process of transcending boundaries related to age. (OLD)Fashion(ed), Verweven and Clash project are installed in the exhibition space. Nina Willems’ project VERWEVEN 2014 will look into the wardrobes of five women of different ages. The short films will be presented at the exhibition space as well the work of VERWEVEN designers such Anbasja Blanken, Aniek Zinken and Wenda Harmsen.
Furthermore, there will be work by several designers I already reported about and some new names. Exhibtion participant are Daniel Ramos Obregon, Yoni Lefevre, Peter Hsieh, Bora Hong, Ine de Haes, Sanne Ree Barthels, Stefanie Barz, Judith Jans & Eva Vermeulen, Daphne Hobbelen, IXX, Strikks, Elsewerk, B-Made, Georgia Xanthe Dorey, Kate Langrish Smith, Olga Ozierankska, Shana Teugels, Branko Popovic (this excites me in particular as I am one of the participants.

Picture by Christine Kreiselmaier

Line up for this years runway program is too cool. The fashion show program provides a stage for 40 emerging fashion talents to show their collections;
Tom Van der Borght, STEINROHNER, Krijst, Wonderground, Ima Mad, { EUGENIALEJOS }, Avadem, BAIBA LADIGA, M I C L E E, Sasha Nassar, YOJIRO KAKE, ODIO & Jakub Pieczarkowski, Ladron de Guevara, KONY, and so on. I am very happy that there several collaborations such as Joelle Boers & Bregje Cox, Nienke Hoekstra & Ingrid van der Zalm and Judith van Vliet x Chris van den Elzen. The students from MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design) will present their collections as well. Furthermore, the audience is invited to enjoy special dance and theatre performances.

For fashion show program & tickets:

{ EUGENIALEJOS } - picture by Cristian Di Stefano

Plùs Que Ma Viè by Andrea Lazzari
picture by Alice Campo
If you are looking for special fashion items, accessories or jewellery from new designers and labels, we invite you to visit the designer market at SAMdecorfabriek. Entry is free and payment is cash only. At the Market there will something for everyone; designers are selling clothes, jewellry and shoes. If you are looking for cool menswear please check out the stands of HEIMWEH, Plùs Que Ma Viè by Andrea Lazzari and Klekko. For the womenswear there will be plenty to choose from at the stands of Jana Mikešová& Linda Zabilková, DBAK – DESIGNED BY ALEXANDRA KALKOWSKI and H O W L by Maria Glück.
Furthermore, Mies Nobis and Marina Stanimirovic and will present her intriguing jewellry. And if this does not sound attractive there are 30 stands in the market by up and coming fashion, accessories and jewellery brands.

picture by Jacek Kolasinski

AM.Westen Pop-up Store at De Bijenkorf Maastricht
FASHIONCLASH Side Program 12 – 15 June, at various location in Maastricht 

FASHIONCLASH Side Program is an accompanying program spread across various locations in Maastricht with pop-up stores, exhibitions, lectures, Film Fashion Night Out at Lumière and events in selected boutiques and cultural spots in Maastricht. FASHIONCLASH Side Program is a bouquet of what 'Fashion City Maastricht' has to offer. There are special deals, designers in stores and must see pop-up stores of FEE Academy, Fashion Freax and Strikks. We are delighted to welcome Off Strand initiative from London, they will set up a pop-up stores and exhibition with a emerging designers based in UK.

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