Sunday 1 February 2015

Alla Kuzmyk at Fashion Week Amsterdam

“Stenciled by Communism”  Menswear Couture by Alla Kuzmyk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

Unlike her previous show in July 2013, Ukranian born Alla Kuzmyk presented menswear collection instead of womenswear.
Staged with mysterious backdrop it seemed like the men where escaping out of a deserted prison. With their wrists and ankles still chained they walked down the runway on bare feet.
Focusing on tailoring most of the collection contains beige looks with some black, gray and red accents. One of the more striking looks was the overall blood-red outfit. The use of different materials like fur, cotton, silk and see-through fabrics, gave the collection a rich feel.

The collection “Stenciled by Communism” is inspited by designer’s own roots and Ukrainian heritage. The folk Ukrainian dress with embroidery symbolysm is translated in repeating elements through the collection with slight colors of the prints resembling traditional elements of the protective embroidery. 
The family photos from the period of the second world war where costume and uniform blended together and absorbed the painful experience of people leading into USSR era and portraying the Socialistic view on Slavic costume. Translation of the memories that was re-evaluated by European canones of fashion.

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