Saturday 7 February 2015


Wolkmood - A lifestyle brand inspired by artists

Inspired by artists from all over the world who colour our lives, two like-minded students founded Wolkmood. Wolkmood is an international collective of independent artists, who all share a passion for creation.
Since 2014, Wolkmood is embedding illustration, graphic design and photography into your everyday lifestyle. This way, Wolkmood creates a platform for artists from all corners of the world, and supports them to reach the audience they deserve.
With a strong feeling for social responsibility and an eye for quality and durability, it is an understatement for Wolkmood to provide honest and high quality organic cotton products that will be loved by anyone who wears them.

Wolkmood stands by the belief that, self-realisation is the ultimate goal to feel alive. The key aspect to self-realisation is exploring. Exploring shape, the earth, the universe. The paradox of finding an ultimate oasis through living a life of eternal discovery defines exploasis which characterizes the artworks to be found at the heart of our Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

You can support this project via kickstarter

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