Saturday 21 March 2015

AWAYTOMARS platform at ModaLisboa - Curiouser edition

Meet AWAYTOMARS, not just a fashion brand but an interactive design platform 

"We believe that the current model of fashion could be stretched in benefit of all. We believe that action and expression from every individual could coexist, we believe in the power of the collective."

On Sunday 15th of March at CASA DA BALANÇA the fashion design platform AWAYTOMARS presented its first collection during ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week.

Believing that the current system could benefit from a more democratic creative input, comes a new platform which allows designers to submit their work for approval from an online user database, the AWAYTOMARS  community. The users will have the possibility to comment, add and compliment a submitted design. This interaction will determine which designs will later be selected by the AWAYTOMARS team to be manufactured and then later sold.

Alfredo Orobio, co -founder of AWAYTOMARS, proposes a cut with the traditional model of the fashion industry, suggesting a democratization of the entire process associated to a collection, where all are invited to interact.

AWAYTOMARS invites you to join their mission:

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