Wednesday 25 March 2015

Dino Alves at ModaLisboa - Curiouser

Dino Alves requested that the guests in attendance at the presentation of his FW 2015/16 collection all dress in black. This led to a curiosity and high expectation. Although
the actual presentation has not fulfilled the expectation, the displayed collection was very beautiful.
The collection "Salve a Cor" (Hail Color) is a message of faith and hope. Inspired by women seeking emotional solace in their black clothes and scarfs and hats. A mourning black imposed by resignation, judgement and sometimes hypocritical Catholic moral.
Hail Color is a homage to women who cannot escape from imposing archaic values, and a critic to dictatorial values.
With this homage, the collection shows that from this once outdated and closed society another optimistic people arose and proved to be sophisticated and willing to win. Wear colors, wear black, as sign of elegance and sophistication.

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