Saturday 9 May 2015


“No signal”, gets its’ roots in this technological context in 1962. During an American space program, the astronaut, John Glenn, described the connection problems he faced. Glenn explained, “we lost the image, the sound is lost, and snow appears on the monitors.”

NO SIGNAL appears as a collection with an aesthetic meaning related to the media and technology. The strong technological presence and their evolution over time brings a vulnerable part, errors, blur, loss of communication, and pixels that create inconveniences and conclude a loss of signal aesthetically desired. These drawbacks or technical problems that frustrate domestic users of electronic media, become the direction and meaning of this collection. The noise patterns deviate from the classic b / w are dyed red and the signals resulting from interference of digital corruption and the effects of offset sections of the damaged image, are the form in which each piece is structured and derive.

NO SIGNAL, recreates in languid silhouettes, which in its way, apparently clean cuts, breaks with inaccurate and irregular pleats, deformed scapulars, and large parts that facilitate overlapping sizes. Plans that continue the vertical line, which destroy the horizontal line, created in reference to signal interference. Atypical textiles such as, the thermo-bonded fluff with gas, plastic technical fabrics that mimic the texture of poli-leather, wool treated with a knit design created especially for the collection and crystal stamping, are complemented by more usual ones as denim and circular knitting.

The color palette includes various shades of the same range, creating a chroma- tic chronology: “Red Noise”, red audible noise, metaphor for this kind of snow that floods the TV when no signal arrives, appropriate here the chosen color pa- lette. Nude tones, red, brown and coppers are our chromatic proposal, and are complemented by fuel type stamped copper that adds a technological touch. Rounding out this collection, there are little details and concept representative accessories like recreations by 3D printer electrical outlets, wired with elastic that adds volume parts, as well as large sports bags, fragmented into compart- ments and covered with mesh lining, form as a whole, the proposal of David Catalán for Fall / Winter 2015.

Photography: Think n’ Shoot
Stylist: Fede Pouso; Alejandro Larrea
Make-up/Hair: MUA
Models: Achara Liu, Pablo Vega, Vasco Ferreira
Shoes: Callaghan
Glasses: Látelier Óptica

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