Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rafael Kouto at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

Swiss designer, Rafael Kouto, presented his diploma collection 'Drag me to the after hour to the dark side of the moon' during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

 “This collection takes inspiration from the evolution of the phases of the moon. It explores the phenomenon of the diffraction of light, from the deepest black to a blinding white. It will take you along a fantastic wandering, where you will meet shadows, dark silhouettes and stellar eclipses. A world of pale illusions looming and where silver shadows arise. A landscape unseen with human eyes, hidden in the night and coming to light imminently. The mask of darkness is now unveiled, light shining so bright that it becomes impossible to make out day and night. The collection is a vision of a fascinating ideal, where bodies are illuminated by the timeless moonlight and reversed in tone. They are not from here and now. Staring at the moon, dreaming about how pure and sublime this very faraway island out in space might be. This kingdom is much closer than one would think. Admiring reflective surfaces is like going on a journey straight within oneself. Now that this is uncovered, stop looking elsewhere!”


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