Wednesday 2 December 2015

Evin Tison

Graduate collection SS16 Esmod Roubaix 2015

Evin Tison's collection emphasizes the woman; her internal strength, her spirit, her feelings, her extrovert and assumed side. Evin Tison accompanies her in the transformation and the display of her crazy personality.

This internal strength takes us in a virtual and phantasmagorical journey of the imagination. The volumes grow outwards from the body, creating curves and elevating the concept of externalization. These forms come from the body, deform it, evoking a charisma and an imperious imposing presence. You can see a feminine cognitive complexity take shape abstractly.
The material is an essential part of the creative process. Therefore iridescences, like difractants prisms and hypnotic moire take shape on bodies and reflect beyond. 

Evin Tison used semi transparent latex and opaque, iridescent transparent PVC, and sheets of sulphurized plastic that he applied to a 3D néoprène, creating his own material. Each of the jackets of his collection contain piping of iridescent plastic stripes on the edges, forming continuous lines underlining the forms and the folds of clothes.
He used some liquid vinyl, a pink pvc with fluorescent sides, and a transparent plastic which diffracts the light and creates watered effects, such aqueous liquids. All the edges of neoprenes are edging with iridescent silk fabrics or transparent.
The realizations of Evin's collection are worked in One Cut and made in molding, playing with the architecture of the garment and accentuate the sculptural side.

Lookbook credits: Lempire Studio

EVIN TISON SS2016 VIDEO from urban mythology on Vimeo.

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