Thursday 3 November 2016

Dino Alves - SS 2017 ModaLisboa

Dino Alves SS 2017
ModaLisboa - Together

Dino Alves presented his SS2017 collection 'Warning' during the 47th edition of ModaLisboa-Lisboa Fashion Week. The collection tells a romantic but yet realistic story about the nature and platent earth. The collection is a warning to take care of the sublime beauty of the nature (flowers, trees, plants) which are the purest forms of design.
The collection contains striking tule ruffles pieces that are inspired by flowers and leaves. Nature hues are mixed with industrial colours.
Materials used in the collection are cotton, linen, silk organza, tule, viscose and denim.

The collection is a prelude to a new project of Dino Alves Ateluer that will be announced soon.

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