Thursday 6 July 2017


Do Not Be Safe.
a project by Han Jansen & Inge Vaandering 

‘Fashion Makes Sense’ can be seen from different interpretations and angles. What if we see the theme in its most banal way? When does fashion literally makes sense? There’s fashion that is just seen as a piece of clothing to protect people in its most functional way, without thinking of its aesthetic values. The first thing that came to our minds was a safety jacket. The neon orange- and yellow colour that they have warns us of the danger and tells us to be aware.

"With this project, we are exploring the relationship between banality, functionality and aesthetics within fashion. Do they clash or do they go hand in hand? What if we take this banal and iconic piece of clothing as a starting point, a base and a material in order to create and generate a new perspective and image on this stereotype-like safety-clothing? We’re doing this by deconstructing, composing and isolating the original jacket."
This project is a reinterpretation of the potential of the safety jacket. But foremost this project is about breaking with what we’re used to. With the safety jacket as a metaphor for something we all take for granted because we’re used to it: ‘It has always been like this.’ It’s about broaden borders, breaking borders and rebuilding them, physical but also mental. 

Photography by Team Peter Stigter


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