Saturday 8 July 2017

Mona Steinhaeusser - The Way of Salve

'The Way of Salve' project by Mona Steinhaeusser at FASHIONCLASH Festival opening night at Forza Fashion House.

Fashion graduate Mona Steinhaeusser’s concept "The Way of Salve" invites you to a holistic world that proposes a new comprehensive way of dressing, as her graduation project from Sandberg Instituut’s Fashion Matters.

“The Way of Salve” proposes a modern comprehensive practice in a Western context. It’s a journey for everyone who is looking for an alternative environment to reconnect with themselves.
“With SALVE I start from my own experience. I try to open up to allow myself to become a slightly different person. I want to create a short-lived alternate reality, which does not force you but opens you carefully to return slightly altered.”

The concept of SALVE approaches the human being from a trinomial perspective–body, soul and spirit–through a transformative experience that involves dressing, spending time in a shelter and drinking tea from a new line of ceramics.

“The Way of Salve” approaches and dresses the human being from a trinomial perspective- body, soul and spirit- through a transformative experience, that involves putting on overall suits, spending time in a shelter and drinking tea. The three main elements function as autonomous structures, communal acting as comprehensive way of dressing.
The first way of dressing relates to the physical body and is presented as a series of ritualistic overall garments. The second way of dressing relates to the emotional body and it takes the shape of a tent, a shelter that can be deconstructed into six pieces. The third way of dressing connects with the spiritual body and consists of a set of ceramic pieces to drink tea.

Mona Steinhaeusser is a German fashion designer who defines herself as a creator of matters in social contexts, which resist conventional Western consumerism and raise philosophical questions about individual physical and mental interaction, health, education and well-being. 
Photography Team Peter Stigter
photo Karen Kikkert

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