Tuesday 3 October 2017

Old Times by NONsense


“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Same as love.” Erich Fromm 

Old Times is a film about love, time and loss. It’s an appreciation of the beauty of the past, an exploration of regret through an insight into our past actions. It reflects on cathartic, life-changing episodes, those emotional challenges that keep on coming back to us. Old Times is a tribute to sorrow, embracing love as a necessary sickness.

The film was directed and produced by NONsense, a photo and video collective formed by Azahara Gómez, Lluis Martí, Luis Rojo, Iván Martinoz and Kevin Speight based between Mexico DF and Madrid. It’s the second project developed in collaboration with the Mexican womenswear brand Simple by Trista. The first, Movement 1, won in 2016 six awards at the Mexican Fashion Film Festival, screened at Berlin Fashion Film Festival and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and in 2017 was part of the official selection at Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival and Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival.

For their second collaboration, NONsense dug deeper into the values of the brand to reflect Simple by Trista’s emotional aesthetic and personality. With Old Times, the brand celebrates beauty through an appreciation of the past. The imagery of the film is based on the novel The Past by Argentine writer Alan Pauls. Similarly to the characters in the book, the actors also seek to experience the past in the present, keeping an attachment to something long gone. 

Director: Kevin Speight
DP: Lluís Martí
Line Producer: Luis Rojo
Actors: Natalia Plasencia, Brien Hansen, Tara Parra, Marcelo Ferrari, Frances Healy
Produced: NonSense Collective
Production Design: Joanna Prado
Wardrobe: Giovani Estrada Bios
NONsense Collective - México DF & Madrid.

Nonsense is a photo and video collective formed by Lluis Martí, Kevin Speight, Zahara Gómez and Luis Rojo.

Our aim as a collective is to talk about things that matter to us; we want to share our worries and passions through our works and learn about life through them. We believe in movement as our main power and our main objective is to move and touch people.

Simple by Trista
Trista is an exclusive Mexican brand focusing on contemporary women. The design process is marked by the study of the body, society, the environment, imagination and the significance of each piece within a cultural context. The woman who wears Trista is delicate and intellectual, knows about trends, but is capable of creating her own story. Someone who loves her city and is in touch with her professional life.

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