Wednesday 1 November 2017


In THE BOLD, THE BOUND & THE BRITTLE a portrait of our current time is made, live on the theater floor. A new piercing performance by choreographer Jelena Kostić, with unrestrained dance and sudden music.

Two powerful women play their personal, destructive, comfortable and erotic moments until they are redundant. They leave behind the conflict between the brittle and the obscene.

Hinging on a past both distant and nearby, THE BOLD, THE BOUND & THE BRITTLE opens the door to a space where we all step out of our uniform. What remains is our own delicate humanity.

The performance will start with two personal speeches on power and vulnerability by two leading ladies in Maastricht: Mieke Damsma (alderman in the City of Maastricht) and Jacqueline de Groot (quartermaster Public Affairs at Maastricht University).

Photo Nikola Kostić

The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle + speeches 
Friday November 3
AINSI, Maastricht
8.30 pm (introduction at 7.30 pm)
Tickets: here

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