Friday 21 December 2018


“We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds” 
2018 is leaving us for 2019.

Celebrate the coming of the new year in an intimate hour of music, meet and greet and drinks with the king of the 20th century: Elvis Presley.

Let Joost Howard’s Elvis lead you through the ups and (a lot of!) downs from the passing year, while soothing your existential Christmas melancholia with a drink and the distant arousing commercial sounds of Magisch Maastricht.
Exactly 50 years after his famous television come back special, Elvis strikes… again. Will the icon of the 20th century still sound meaningfull in 21th century? Can he reclaim his crown?
Elvis ’s final concert will be performed partly unplugged and partly high-end karaoke. A sort of Christmas feeling included.

Joost / Elvis is produced for and by Theatre on the Vrijthof in coöperation with Karmijnrood Podiumkunst

Language: understandable English
Drinks: drinks can be bought on stage before the show and can be consumed during and afterwards.


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