Sunday 10 November 2019

Fabio Bigondi - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019

Fabio Bigondi, Italian designer and Polimoda graduate impressed with his collection Sons of Guns inspired by the work of the Richard Mosse who is known for his surrealistic war scences photography. In his collection Fabio plays with the contradictions such as manly stereotypes versus soft and fluffy textures or streetstyle versus middle eastern dress and aesthetic.

“Sons of Guns” fully expresses the role that weapons have taken over time and especially what they have at this time. I wanted to tell the reality, comparing apparently different cultures, but in this case they have many points in common. From Yemen to the USA, to the Congolese tribe “Pende Minganji”. Color is the common thread, the first items are dark and angular, but continuing the tones change and become more and more lively and iridescent, this to show the transition from reality to total illusion."

Instagram: fabiobigondidesigns
Photography: Pasarella Photography

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