Sunday 10 November 2019


Teun Seuren presented his new collection 'A Golden Renaissance' during the 11th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. He was part of the NextLevel Show programme from which he also got the Public Award. With this collection he has raised the bar and surpassed himself. The collection felt like homecoming, where his handwriting as a designer was revealed in the golden spotlight.

"In a society in which we still attach too much value to a masculine male gender, and where femininity is still very suppressed among the male gender, I go back to our innocent childhood. In which we expressed ourselves without thinking of social stigmas and rules. In which we embrace and respect each other as individuals. Unfortunately we poison ourselves as we become more aware of social standards. In which we justify ourselves with words such as tolerance and think that this is a good thing. In this collection you can see the layering of duality in these polluted words."

Instagram @teun_seuren
Photography: Laura Knipsael

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