Tuesday 12 May 2020

Trend Agency Move launches new trend book: Trend Movement AW2021/2022

Trend Agency Move launches new trend book: Trend Movement AW2021/2022

The Dutch trendwatching agency Trend Agency Move has launched their new trend book ‘Trend Movement AW2021/2022’. The theme of the book is ‘Feel Xtreme Feelings’ and explains the leading trends on a consumer, market and design-level. The publications offer trend insights that help you to stay connected with your customer in a trend savvy way. It explains the trends, offers conceptual ideas and translates these into colours and shapes that offer inspiration for product development and design, in several industries. Especially in this new-normal-era that has appeared after COVID-19 infected the world, it is important to understand what the new values and desires are of consumers.

This visual and textual trend book is your guideline for new concepts and brand strategies in markets like retail, fashion, beauty, technology, sports, home decor, media, marketing and other lifestyle-related industries. Also manufacturers in fashion are keen on the leading trends for the next season. Trendwatcher Renske Mennen: “By knowing what is now and what is next, it is possible to come up with concepts and design strategies which make this world a more beloved place to live. I do this all for the growth of care, confidence and respect for our future-self.”

Designer Rafal Zakrzewski  Photographer Mila Łapko
You can download the first chapter of Trend Movement AW 2021/2022 for free via trendagencymove.com. The first chapter, Humanize Emptyness, describes the end of the ‘owning-ere’. “It’s all about meaningful connection. That’s it. Nothing else.” It gives you a perfect impression of the way the trends and developments are important to be aware of, as a company or organisation, and also offers inspiration and a guideline about how to cope with these developments and leading trends.

The book contains four trend-chapters and next to that the book contains colour cards colour-cards that contain 132 seasonal colours. The consumer, market, and design trends are spotted by trendwatcher Renske Mennen. The cover photo is made by Gijs van de Veerdonk, and de fashion design is made by Teun Seuren. The text edit is done by Richard Todd.
The trend book can be found at https://trendagencymove.com/products/, and costs €1400,00. For more information trendwatcher Renske Mennen can be contacted via renske@trendagencymove.com.

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