Saturday 25 September 2021

MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom

Grand new fashion exhibition 'MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom' has opened in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, with Amsterdam fashion city as the center. 

The church at the Dam square has been temporarily transformed into a large fashion house with more than 150 creations, historical and contemporary,that tell stories of Amsterdam as a fashion city with its unique signature. MAISON AMSTERDAM City, fashion, freedom seeks out what is typically ‘Amsterdam’ about the fashion in this liberal and creative city, which is cherished as the city where anything is possible. This is the first large-scale fashion exhibition that has the city of Amsterdam at its core. With many iconic highlights and Queen Máxima’s wedding dress as the final scene.

The exhibition showcases many pieces, from historic masterpieces from the fashion collection of the Amsterdam Museum, as well as a wide variety of contemporary designs. On display are creations by well-known twentieth century couturiers such as Dick Holthaus, Edgar Vos, Frank Govers, Frans Molenaar and Max Heymans, and also designers of today, such as Bas Kosters, Iris van Herpen, Jan Taminiau, Viktor & Rolf. The new generation of talent is also featured with designers like Duran Lantink, Schepers Bosman, Amber Jae Slooten, Karim Adduchi, Dylan Westerweel, Ninamounah, Bonne Suits, Patta and Daily Paper. Furthermore, Amsterdam is profiled as Denim City: the hotspot of famous denim labels such as G-Star.

The exhibition takes you on the walk through the cultural history of Amsterdam, with dive into the nightlife of the roaring twenties and the heyday of the famous ’80s and ‘90s nightclubs RoXY and iT. You visit historic department stores, fashion shows and festivals, such as the Hartjesdagen and Keti Koti. What effect does freedom, but also unfreedom, have on fashion.
Impressive is one of the closing scenes in the exhibition with clothing from the Second World War and the commemoration of death in 2020 in the background. A jacket with David Star next to the dress from Japanese camps and liberation dresses brings the visitor back to reality to reflect that freedom is not self-evident. Not even in Amsterdam, with its mecca of freedom identity. That is why it is important that grand gestures, such as this exhibition, take center stage in prominent places in our cities.

The exhibition, curated by Ninke Bloemberg and Pieter Eckhardt offers a versatile and tangible image of Amsterdam's fashion history. 'Maison Amsterdam: The city, fashion, freedom' is collaboration between Amsterdam Museum and De Nieuwe Kerk. The exhibition runs until Sunday 3 April 2022.

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