Wednesday 7 June 2023

Juni Fashion Month Arnhem kicks off with opening at Museum Arnhem

During the June Fashion Month Arnhem (2 June to 2 July 2023), Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem, together with Museum Arnhem, Rozet, State of Fashion and various partners, designers and entrepreneurs, will show the socially connecting power of fashion and design.

On Friday 2 June there was a private opening in Museum Arnhem with which the exhibition 'Between Borders' exhibition was opened. The ArtEZ graduation fashion show also took place at Musis on this day. This edition was dedicated to the now 65th generation of graduates, celebrating the long tradition of fashion in Arnhem.  

Tussen Grenzen (Between Borders)
Between Borders is an exhibition about migration, being welcome somewhere, feeling at home and living between two worlds. The first part of 'Between Borders' shows body-related designs, such as fashion and jewellery, by 19 designers living in the Netherlands with a migration background. 

In Between Borders you can admire work by Armia Yousefi, Branko Popovic, Chequita Nahar, David Paulus, Denzel Veerkamp, ​​Fleuri la Belle, Garcia Bello, Kalkidan Hoex, Karim Adduchi, Lisa Konno, Loïs Brandsen, Luisa Kuschel, Marcos Kueh, Maja Simišić , Mehdi Mashayekhi, Murat Akbas, Xhosa, Yinka Buutfeld, Zyanya Emperor. 

A documentary has been made especially for this exhibition in which 9 designers talk about their personal stories and perspectives that together show how complex migration narratives are and invites the viewer to look beyond the drama to its power and celebration. In any case, the exhibition shows the work of the makers who were given the freedom to show what they want; and so a dialogue has arisen which, as the documentary shows, does not happen very often at all.  

Teaser of the documentary by Elisabetta Agyeiwaa

Between Borders can be seen until October 22, 2023. Between Borders consists of two parts. From June 3, young fashion and jewelery designers living in the Netherlands will show work about living and working between two worlds. From 15 July, (inter)national artists and people from Arnhem will also share their personal experiences with borders and migration.

More information: borders


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