Saturday, 28 August 2021

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen 2021

13 young artists and designers from the Netherlands and Belgium invited a select group to travel to Tilburg to discover the 'De Nieuwe Zonderlingen'.

De Nieuwe Zonderlingen is a new - self initiated - event by a collective of young artists and designers from Netherlands and Belgium who joined forces to present their work in a joint multidisciplinary event. On Thursday, August 26, the event of De Nieuwe Zonderlingen took place at NS16 in Tilburg. 

After August 26, the exhibition will be presented in a smaller form in the Textile Museum in Tilburg. A selection of shown works, that included visual/installation art, soundscapes, scents, food and fashion, will be on exhibited in the TextielMuseum until 3 October 2021.

Presentation on 26 August had an uninhibited and welcoming atmosphere. The happening and the initiative is a positive and free expression of youth culture that should be cherished.

Participating artists and designers are: Jacob Lambrecht, Mark van Hoek, Dille Ach, Bas Steens (Locks), Akin James, Lana van Beijsterveldt, Rachel Klok, Arno Camps, Daniel Zeeland, McGyver, Brian Omen, Atilla YĆ¼ksel, Arno Camps, Martijn Natens,

Following are some images of the event.


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