Monday 26 November 2012

Pride & Glory: The Rockers’ Jacket

Acclaimed and award-winning photographer Horst A. Friedrichs captured today‘s spirit of the rockers‘ jacket with Pride & Glory: The Rockers’ Jacket.

First coming into its own as functional outerwear and later as a symbol of youth rebellion in the 1950s – the leather biker jacket continues to fascinate as much for its beauty as its mythology. James Dean wore one, as did Marlon Brando and Dennis Hopper. Since then, the myth has continued to flourish, so that, to this day, leather jackets are one of the few outfits with true cult status. They have soul. They have character and they are worn with pride; they are painted, embellished, embroidered and enhanced with studs and patches. 

Since decades, Lewis Leathers, the legendary British manufactory for leather motorcycle jackets, has brought together especially attractive and exceptional examples for their unique and comprehensive collection of vintage leather jackets. The photos by Horst A. Friedrichs make these available to the larger public for the first time and provide authentic insight into this highly exceptional lifestyle.

Pride & Glory: The Rockers’ Jacket (DAAB, ISBN 978-3942597203, $145).

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