Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Raven / A Requiem by Daria Bukvić

Last Saturday I spontaneously took the train to Amsterdam to see 'The Raven / A Requiem', the latest play by my dear friend Daria Bukvić. It took me hours to get there by train with all the delays and I was almost too late. However the experience was breathtaking and worth it all.
I can go on with praise...but it is one of those performances you can't forget. ♥'s
It is a pitty that this was the last performance.

The Raven / A Requiem as directed by Daria Bukvić is a free interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem from 1845. A man is mourning a woman. A raven visits him… What can you do about a loneliness that can never be resolved? Poe’s dark masterpiece is revived in an intimate, visual performance. An ode to lost loves and lonesome lovers.
Daria Bukvić (Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1989) graduated in 2011 from the directing course at the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Dennis Kelly’s 'Puin' was her first Frascati Production, in the spring of 2012.

direction Daria Bukvić
performance Marius Mensink & Stephanie Dufresne
design Peter van Til & Dirk Sonneveld
costume Dymph Boss
coaching Carina Molier
text Edgar Allan Poe
translation Jibbe Willems
The Raven / A Requiem is a Frascati Production

All images are by Anna van Kooij

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