Tuesday 8 January 2013

Miryaki fashion label

Miryaki is a fashion label from Italy, founded by designers Mia Vilardo and Riccardo Polidoro in 2009.
The designers got to know each other in Milan where they studied at Marangoni Institute and IED Moda Lab. They won The Clam Prize for the collection closest to the spirit of Clammag at Mittelmoda Award 2010.

They are presenting their latest collection at Fier Showroom A/W 13/14 during Berlin Fashion Week.

Geometry, an element that is always present in Miryaki’s creations, is used as a method of design. Harsh and rigid forms are adapted perfectly to the human body revealing playful femininity with attention to detail, which is an expression of care and sophistication. As for the colors, a palette of bright contrasting colors is combined with the ever-present black and white. The inspirational power of this collection was created in collaboration with the Sicilian laboratory-workshop “The Canvas Penelope”.

Lookbook credits
Photographer: Giuseppe La Rosa
Models: Catalina Podgorodetchi
Postproduction: Cristian Buonomo
Graphic Design – Luigi Pasante

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