Saturday 5 January 2013

Tesj - bags and accessories label

Carmen Gloudemans started her bag label Tesj in 2004, after obtaining the diploma at Artez, Fashion Design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. All products are designed and produced in the Netherlands.

The bags and accessories of Tesj are sold in several shops in the Netherlands, Germany and online via

'Tesj' means bag in Limburg dialact, and this reflects on Carmen's youth as she is from Limburg (province south of The Netherlands). 

The latest Tesj collection consists of a number of leather bags, the accessory Tuutje and a silk scarf with print. 
The contemporary designs are functional but above all pure and feminine. 
Tesj is constantly looking for new forms for bags, for example the Tuutje is inspired by a milk jug.

Tesj label is taking part at Fier Showroom AW13/14 during Berlin Fashion Week.

Q&A with Carmen Gloudemans, designer behind Tesj

Where do you come from, what’s your background?
I come from The Netherlands. I studied fashion design at ARTEZ, the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem from where I graduated in 2002. Than I began my own label, Tesj bags + accessories.

What's your product about? And who is it for?
My product stands out craftmanship, simplicity and luxury. It is for them who feel connected by the way it is made, the design and finishing. It has a certain nonchalance and is surprising by material and shape.

What's your style? Materials? What sets you apart? 
My Style is simple, feminin and a bit rough by the material (I use only leather, lining included.) everything that is not necessary I leave out of the design. There is also a bit of humor and surprising details.

Inspirations behind your last collection?
I find inspiration in everyday things like the daily forms in and around my home. Everything can have a relationship to each other and can be deformed into a bag. But also pictures, people in the streets or my own family give me inspiration.

How difficult it is to emerge?
I think it is not so difficult, the only way is that you have to stay close to yourself and to be determined and stay focused, than it will come soon or later.

Do you have any stockists? Where?
Yes, there are 5 shops in the Netherlands who sell my collection and also few online shops. 

What's your next step?
The next step will be an sales agent, a pr agent for Belgium and the Netherlands, and of course Fier Showroom in Berlin.


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