Sunday 20 January 2013

Winde Rienstra, Beyond the boundaries of fashion

Central Museum Utrecht devoted two project rooms to exhibitions by Utrecht-based artists and designers: the New Utrecht Galleries. Since yesterday the rooms are giving space to fashion designer Winde Rienstra (Echten, 1981) who is based in Utrecht and who studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).
Winde Rienstra graduated just three years ago but her designs have created a furore within a short time. And she is very busy at the moment. In few days she is showing her new collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week and you can see her work at MOAM &Foam exhibition.

With her work she is exploring the boundaries of fashion, art and architecture and at the same time reinventing traditional techniques. Rienstra’s fascination with spatial structures around the human body has led to a recurring play with three-dimensionality. Each of the resulting spatial designs is a new opportunity to allow the materials to shine like jewelry around the human body. Her feeling for handwork, craft and detail is the motor that drives her fashion designs.

Rienstra uses modern technologies such as laser cutting in her work and she is not afraid to experiment with materials that are not conventionally used in fashion design. Striking in her work is the use of materials such as wood.
Rienstra’s love of handwork and experiment is the starting point for this exhibition and is visible in all pieces. A few iconic pieces from her collections The Mirror of Reason (July 2009), 11:11 (July 2011), Reflections in Facets (January 2012) and Ithaka (July 2012) have been chosen to illustrate this approach.

Each piece is strong on its own and although it is just a small overview of her short career this exhibitions inspires in every way. You can see 'Winde Rienstra, Beyond the boundaries of fashion' at The New Utrecht Galleries at Centraal Museum Utrecht from 19 January until 21 April 2013.
Winde Rienstra (right) and Ninke Bloemberg (left), fashion curator at Centraal Museum Utrecht

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