Friday 7 June 2013


a catwalk performance by Dennis Vanderbroeck and Sarah Tulp, presented at the opening of  FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013

Sarah Tulp uses a clean and childlike esthetic to build installations and performances. In her work she aims to show the construction of the piece. Using the personal side of things she reaches for the universal side of things. She’s Always looking for collaborations between different art forms and artists. Dennis vanderbroeck creates installations in which he makes cross-overs between fashion, fine art and performance art, using video, photography and live performances. In his work he searches for the clash between an internal and an external universe. His images are hyper esthecial, humorous and with his childish way of approaching it he creates a universe in which everything can happen.
Sharing the love for fashion, mint green, sneakers, only wearing black, a workspace and a house they now decide to make a fashionable mint green and only wearing black house – on sneakers.
“nothingsomethingalot” by approaching fashion as visual art they create a performance in which visual art becomes fashion. A performance about How Anonymous characters receive a sculptured personality. by not using the catwalk in it’s traditional form they search for the clash between fashion and theatre.

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