Saturday 28 September 2013

Vreugdetranen Drogen Snel - Ro Theater

TIP: Vreugdetranen Drogen Snel (Tears of Joy dry fast)

It has been a while since I attended and enjoyed a large stage theatre production. 'Vreugdetranen Drogen Snel' is a vibrant, colorful and musical theatre play inspired by the films of Emir Kusturica and the magical realist novels of Gabriel García Márquez. This is exactly what triggered me as I am very familiar with Kusturica films.
Hilarious, bizarre, grotesque and poignant stories about a grandmother who knows that history repeats itself, a mad philosopher who tapped strange jokes, a man who eats himself to death and a howling wedding. All of this is accompanied with wonderful music and staged in beautiful set design.
'Vreugdetranen Drogen Snel' is a performance with music, theater, tragic, magic that makes you forget the seriousness of life. In some parts the performances where very captivating, in particular  thanks to acting performances by Jack Wouterse Fania Sorel and Herman Gilis.

'Vreugdetranen Drogen Snel' is now touring in the Netherlands, find out where and when

With: Jack Wouterse, Gijs Naber, Fania Sorel, Sylvia Poorta, Hannah van Lunteren, Herman Gilis, Yahya Gaier, Beppe Costa, Oleg Fateev, Rutger Woudenberg/Elias Ioannou, Angelina Deck, Charlotte Goesaert en Miquel de Jong

Text: Rik van den Bos
Direction: Alize Zandwijk
Music: Beppe Costa
Dramaturgy: Liet Lenshoek
Set design: Thomas Rupert
Light design:  Mark Van Denesse, Axel Dikkers (assistant) 
Costume design: Sabine Snijders

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 Leo van Velzen © 

 Leo van Velzen © 

 Leo van Velzen © 

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