Sunday 15 December 2013

Act You Age Festival Day Three

Blind Date - Liz King and Arthur Rosenfeld
Day three of Act Your Age festival started for me early with the performance 'She Was A Visitor' with Truus Bronkhorst. This performance is a collaboration of three dance makers of different ages and varied experience.
Following this quite intense and 'heavy' piece for the early Saturday was the light and touching 'Blind Date' at Turnzaal. I never heard about the Turnzaal in Maastricht but apparently it is the oldest gymnastics hall in the Netherlands.
Performance Blind Date by Arthur Rosenfeld with Liz King Arthur Rosenfeld (61) and Liz King (66), who got to know each other during Act Your Age Europe. Both makers are still dancing after a long international career. Their shared experience in combination with their different backgrounds - Arthur danced with Pina Bausch, Liz at the Stuttgart Ballet amongst other places – means that their combination on stage is as self-explanatory as it is full of contradictions. In the last few months they have together studied the universal need to connect with another person. We long for a partner, a friend and a companion. Their investigation resulted in Blind Date, a piece about internet dating for sixty year olds and older.

Suitable as the final performance in the programme, 'Last Day Of All' by choreographer Marco D'Agostin. Following the performance there was a short aftertalk with the audience, which was helpful to understand the piece we see mysterious rituals performed by a group consisting of various generations(dancers from 15 to 76 years).

Summering up I am looking back to an inspiring festival that has planted new ideas in my head about possible projects in the future.

Blind Date - Liz King and Arthur Rosenfeld

Blind Date - Liz King and Arthur Rosenfeld
and an Italian male chior

Truus Bronkhorst in She Was A Visitor

Last Day Of All

Last Day Of All

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