Wednesday 21 May 2014

Call For Aid after Balkans Floods

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Tens of thousands of people in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia were affected by the consequences of the worst floods remembered on the Balkan. It breaks my heart to watch from the distance how people from my motherland are suffering and fighting.

During the last week, countries in the Balkans (Former Yugoslavia) have experienced extremely heavy rain - the amount of rainfall expected over the period of three months, fell on the region in only three days, bringing about catastrophic floods.
The rain has stopped, but the force of water has caused horrific destruction. Bosnia and Serbia have declared a state of emergency, and flooding has in recent days also reached eastern parts of Croatia. Entire cities are submerged. Too many people have lost everything. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than a million people live in the affected areas.

The rains have brought not only flooding, but also landslides. More than 200 active landslides have been identified in the eastern part of Bosnia. Horrible effect is that the water has also inundated minefields in Bosnia, a remnant from the 1992-1995 war. The unexploded devices are likely to become a problem during the clean-up.
Economic losses and health consequences are also a concern. Thousands of hectares of agricultural land in Bosnia and Serbia have been flooded, which will have an imminent impact on food distribution and prices this year. The disaster is also expected to have epidemiological consequences, due to the shortage of clean drinking water and medicines.

What can you do to help?

The disaster has caused terrible floods. Homes and lives are completely destroyed. It will take years, and billions in financial aid, for Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia to recover from the disaster. Funds will be needed for medical treatment, clean-up and sanitation of the affected areas and re-building of both houses and lives.
There are various ways to help and get involved, either by actively assisting those in need, if you are in the area, or through donations. Many reliable organisations have opened accounts for this purpose, including the Red Cross Bosnia, Red Cross Croatia, Red Cross Serbia, Novak Djokovic Foundation, Government of Serbia, and Association Pomozi, and more. Please visit their websites and contribute what you can, or at least - help spread the word.

In the Netherlands you can donate here

to end with one positive though: Unity and compassion is more than needed

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