Thursday 9 October 2014

Identity Dress 2014 at Month of Design

Identity Dress 2014 at Month of Design in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Last year I was one of the designers in the Identity project and this time I attended as guest.
Identity fashion project presentation consist of two parts, namely the opening fashion show and an exhibition which is open to festival visitors until the end of the Month of Design.
The idea of the project is quite simple, each designer is invited to design a dress based on the same pattern and with several form restrictions. This challenges the designers to explore their creative identity against the limits.
The presentation of the project was held within an intimate setting and very pleasant scenography.
All though not all the dresses where as strong it is beautiful to see the diversity of expressed ideas and visions.

Identity is curated by Eric Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak, Month of Design Ljubljana fashion editors.

Identity project exhibition can be visited until November 6 2014 at Tiskarna Mladinska knjiga (Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana).

Identity 2014 designers: Adam Jones, Ana Ljubinkovic, Asa Kazingmei, Assaad Awad, Chisung Ihn, Cliche, D'Ora Tokai, Divka, Emre Tamer, Halina Mrożek, Je suis belle, Little Shipla, Ljiljana Majkić, Ludus, Marius Janusauskas, Martinez Lierah, Wisharawish.

"The IDENTITY project moves away from the traditional fashion-related formats. It is not focused on commercial fashion industry, but gives priority to exploring the freedom of expression. It is a creative experiment, where both well-established fashion brands as well as young fashion hopes design clothes making their own design statement and using a common basic cut. Single cut/many interpretations is an independent concept, which could, with a great deal of perseverance and consistent curating throughout the years, put Ljubljana in a prominent position among European fashion events. This is the direction in which the boutique story in boutique Ljubljana should develop", explained Eric Maj Potočnik and Matjaž Plošinjak, IDENTITY fashion project curators, before the start of this year's event.

For more than 10 years Slovenia’s capital has been all about design in October. The Month of Design Ljubljana is an unmissable ensemble of events exploring, evaluating and solving problems of living, bringing together creatives and businesses while encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue.

Month of Design is an annual festival of know-how and creativity in design. It offers platform for discourse focused on exploring the role of design in creative industries, business, culture and social practices. The main aim of Month of Design is to increase the competitiveness of businesses and society, establish knowledge transfers between developed and less developed economies, and emphasise the strategic, economic and cultural advantages of design.

Adam Jones

Asa Kazingmei

Ana Ljubinkovic / Martinez Lierah

Halina Mrożek

Asa Kazingmei

Marius Janusauskas

Ljiljana Majkić

Chisung Ihn

Emre Tamer

Ana Ljubinkovic


Assaad Awad

Assaad Awad

Asa Kazingmei

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