Tuesday 23 December 2014

Nick Cave Hustle Coats

Nick Cave encrusts trench coats with jewels at Art Basel Miami

Artist Nick Cave, best known for his extraterrestrial sculpture series known as ‘Soundsuits’, has presented a new body of work at Art Basel Miami beach. His ‘hustle coats’ comprise classic trench outerwear lined with row-upon-row of glistening jewels, watches and chains. Throughout the course of his work, Cave’s creative obsession with costume and its relationship to culture has prompted the study of couture and ‘wearable’ art. These pieces allude to the coats worn by illegal street salesmen, who offer ‘knock-offs’ of luxury, brand name goods for a fraction of the price. this source of reference goes in line with Cave’s overall interests: ‘I’m totally consumed by the special attire that has a powerful and meaningful purpose within a culture,’ he describes.

The ‘hustle coat’ were priced at $60,000 and presented at the booth of New York based Jack Shainman Gallery and sold within the first minutes of the opening of Art Basel Miami beach.

© nick cave / photo by james prinz photography courtesy of the artist and jack shainman gallery, new york

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