Monday 2 February 2015

Lisa Konno at Fashion Week Amsterdam

"For The Workers" by Lisa Konno

Half year after graduating from Artez Academy Lisa Konno debuted at FashionLab stage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.
Driven by the urge to make recycling fashionable Lisa Konno develops her collections by using textile waste as the main material source and inspiration for her work. She investigates the boundaries of recycling, criticizing the wasteful and unethical ways of the textile industry but is not afraid to do so in vibrant and optimistic manners. Her work is always layered, having a fashionable and aesthetic surface with an underlying base of criticism.
With her 'anti sweatshop statement' collection she shows that it is possible to be ethical and fashionable at the same time. ‘For the Workers’ is a tribute to the victims of the collapsed Bangladesh clothing factory and millions of others forced working in terrible conditions.
During the show images of the workers have been projected on the backdrop. Furthermore the collection features digital prints on silk with abstracted images of the Bangladesh disaster.

 “With this collection I want to raise awareness about the waste of materials and negligence that occurs within the fashion world in regards to working conditions. My collection is not only an aesthetic expression of criticism but I also hope to contribute to the solution. ” – Lisa Konno

With her ode to the workers Lisa Konno sets an example to the new generation designers to take sustainability into account.

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